We designed a student-driven against marked availability by consultants.

What informed our solution?

Let’s go back a little bit to our story of the high school student Rachel and her consultant Jane who used to get stressed and waste a lot of time scheduling a session. We thought that maybe we should ask Rachel and Jane to tell each other when they’re going to be available ahead of time and let them schedule a session with each other according to that.

We had that built out in the past, and it wasn’t working well: the consultants weren’t marking their availability, and if they did, they frequently forgot about it.

Our high school students almost never marked their availability, and when they wanted to schedule a session, they never checked their consultant’s availability. Instead, they went ahead and sent them an email asking them when they could meet.

We also learned that our consultants (compared to our clients in high school) are more responsible and have a better awareness of their own schedule. We decided to continue letting them mark their availability in our system but with a few added features such as allowing them to connect their Google calendar (used by ~96% of our consultants) to prevent double bookings.

And on the other hand, we let the high school students decide when to meet with their consultants based on their availability.

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