Experience #4: Search Results

The newly designed search results. The new search results have extra categories in the listing to further filter out the listing.

Sub categories under the search results: —

  • Cuisines
  • Most Popular Restaurants (in the location)
  • Features & Occasions
  • All Restaurants (complete listing of all restaurants in the location)
Floating action button to switch to Mapview of the location listing restaurants
Redesigned search results for restaurant listing

Experience #5: Restaurant Details

The redesigned restaurant details page has a cleaner and a clutter free interface.

To begin with, the page now shows up to a maximum of 5 image thumbnails on the top. These photos will have both official photos and the user uploaded ones. Both types will be labelled under the respective photo’s title.

Reviews are highlighted on the top and the best known features (cuisines, restaurant amenities, inclusions or price value) are shown in a tag-like-section.

New kid in the block — Reactions

A set of reactions that will be shown on the restaurant details screen
Redesigned restaurant details scrollview

Experience #6: Reserve Table / Send Enquiry

Tapping on ‘Send an Enquiry’ or ‘Reserve Table’ opens up an action sheet, instead of navigating to a new screen.

Experience #7: Reservations tab on the Bottombar

The Reservations tab shows a list of restaurants you have reserved/enquired. Quick actions can be performed on these list items to make a phone call or send a message (in user has an enquiry) by swipe gestures.

Reservations • Enquired & Reserved labels on the listing. Swiping left makes a call, swipe right to message

Experience #8: Timeline and Profile

Aaand.. we are nearing the final stretch. Profile page was designed in a way to give the user interface more breathing room.


Timeline is a new concept. It shows the list of all restaurants you have been to. Timeline screens, as clear with the name, keep a timeline of your restaurant visits. The fallback allows you to hide or delete a restaurant that got listed.

The main feature of Timeline is in allowing the user to enter his feedback — by reviews, reactions, or by adding photos.

Wrapping up what I have done.

I got started with the project after spotting a design vacancy on LinkedIn. All the work done, and presented here, as well on the website http://prasillakshmanan.com/projects/quandoo were solely done by me over the course of more than a month.

Getting into this project, I knew this would be a challenging opportunity to brush up my branding/identity skills, and doing more thought processes for issues.

Looking back now, within the last month I was able to polish all the skills I had kept rarely used and this exercise helped me deliver so much more.

Within the last four weeks, I was able to work on different aspects of design, and I set out to deliver the best I can.

I thought, ideated, drew, I designed, I iterated, and iterated again. I would admit that this is too short of a time to completely redesign the product, or give a rebranding without knowing the brand in-depth through the people in Quandoo. But I believe this is a first step in a change for the better.

“A design is never done. It never ends. You design, and iterate, and repeat. Only then you, and your design gets better.”

👉🏾📱Here’s the link to the interactive prototype. Feel free to play around with it.

Or, you can download to install and run the prototype build (APK file) on Android phones. Direct link to download the prototype APK is at:- https://goo.gl/1uZ38B (file size: approx 40mb)

It would have been great to get real data on how customers are actually using Quandoo, and how business is being made since the above redesign were made solely based on my personal experience.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Please do reach out to me at [email protected] or at my LinkedIn — I’m always down for a conversation!

And lastly, you can see all the works I did for Quandoo (which includes alternate approaches, screen options + prototype videos)

Much thanks for reading…
Prasil Lakshmanan
[email protected]

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