Case 1: double smartphone

This one from Samsung seems quite odd to me. It’s really narrow when closed (maybe the same ratio of an iPhone X or even narrower?) but almost square when unfolded.

Let’s take in consideration the content, for a moment. Content is king, Bill Gates said (and yes, we’re all tired of hearing this, but it makes sense here, trust me). So what kind of content would benefit from this screen ratio?

Most of the apps we currently use would need to be rethought almost entirely. Vertical scrolling apps, like social networks applications, surely would have more real estate, but for what? Zooming in on the content, cutting the vertical space and offering less pieces of content but bigger?

Video content would of course be displayed with some pretty huge black bars, top and bottom, in any orientation.

Check the image down here. The dotted blue line represents a vertical scrolling kind of content, while the purple one is a video.



  • Odd ratio, not really ideal for any kind of content except maybe squared photos (a.k.a. Instagram)
  • if folded outward, no need for an external screen, but easy to scratch (or scratch the cover, compromising the experience)
  • if folded inward, need for an outside display (maybe a small one, just for time, date and notifications?)
  • thickness

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