This thought has bugged me enough but when I do bring it up, it’s greeted by either a smirk or a smile. Or a point blank, negation.

Being a designer, I wonder, then reject and then keep making hypothesis, waiting for the one which could be well-validated and accepted by this world dominated by numbers.

So, here I was, attending an event, sitting in a room filled with approx 70 female product leaders at the first Women in Product India event at Google, Hyderabad.

29 November 2018, India

The host very graciously said we are creating history today. She added that history confirms that everytime have met for a particular cause, revolutions have happened.

What is it about attending events? They are like field trips.

You might take months to have a whole research suggesting something, but on a field trip, you call out an elephant just at the moment, as is.

Do women register directions ?

This was the perfect audience to raise this not so feminist question.

So many talented women, under one roof. And addressing them, was the Director, Scaled Campaign Services at Google, Hyderabad.

Within an instance, there were smiles, this proposition was accepted. No smirk, No negation. Just a loud noise of validation.

I remember when I first walked around this place, I related the area with this black Obelisk type statue.

Women tend to mark directions with different pivots.

and Men tend to describe directions like

Well, there are definitely women, who probably have never had any problems reading a map. To that, I would say, there are shades of masculinity too but does that define the majority?

Some women in their quest of masculinity have developed map reading skills — some women are too shy to say and some have not yet realised coz they were so involved in why they can’t and the stigma of-course.

The deeper question is, will we stand and say that we do spaces differently?

Till then, keep designing, keep living.

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