Fifteen years working in the retail sector provided me with a solid foundation in developing user based solutions. My in the retail sector proved useful in re-imagining a website for , as part of my User Experience Immersive course at General Assembly.

As a store manager I always saw myself as a problem solver. From working on the visual layout of the store to drive interest in particular products and department groups, to developing ways to get clothes back on the shop floor in a timely manner. I was always asking myself “how can we do this better?”

This drive for continual improvement has lead me to explore becoming a user experience designer.

In my previous roles in the retail sector, management teams often relied on quantitative data to inform business decisions. However, my experience on the shop floor talking with customers, demonstrated that considering the retail experience from the users experience can offer businesses many valuable insights to improve the user experience and drive sales.

As a user experience designer putting the user at the centre of all that I do helps me make more relevant discoveries, define the problem more accurately, develop and deliver better solutions.

Select this link to view the clickable prototype or continue to read on to understand the design process.

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