Research and Key Findings

By knowing the problem, we conducted our research with users to understand user goal and attempt to solve their problem.

We have got 50 responses from survey and interviewed 5 people. Our demographic is focused on 20–40 year old women who have considered or been to a women’s clinic before. In this way we found out our user’s main frustrations with clinic’s websites. In addition, what makes our user donate was discovered to help accomplish the main business goal for the project. Here are our key findings:

Key Findings from Affinity Diagram

We also got a clear picture of our main user and came up with the user story as following:

User persona& Storyboard( Credit to Kat)

Card Sorting

We conducted the card sorting with our target demographic( 8 people) to better understand how users look for information they need that makes sense. Our main finding was that people group things that are related by topic, and then by chronological order if relevant. They created subcategories for topics that didn’t quite belong as it’s own as well.

An example of the card sorting

Content Audit

The content audit is for analyzing every pages on Everywoman’s current website so to figure out their contents’ logic, problems, and how to prioritize and reorganize the content as much as possible.

We went over 17 main categories with subcategories, and delivered our solutions for every page.

Part of the Content Audit

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