Hello there! It’s been a while I’ve written anything — at least anything I would like to post.

What have I been up to?

Well, I recently moved across the world in pursuit of my career; my career — what exactly is my career? This is a question I’m constantly asking myself.

I’ve been in pursuit of something almost all my life. I know what my end goal is so I guess finding my way there is where the issue lies. As human beings who are always evolving, the answers to some of our questions are evolving with us, which makes things more complex.

I’ve recently put all my energy into learning things that I love in-depth — new programming languages, machine learning models, statistics, technical design, some Greek fun stuff; I’m just following my heart. I’ve also found new topics I wouldn’t say naturally would have been of interest until I stumbled on them, like Digital Marketing (so cool). This brings me to what I would like to really write about —  .

The term “expert-generalist” was coined by Orbit Gadiesh. He defined an expert generalist as someone who has the ability and curiosity to master and collect expertise in many different disciplines, industries, skills, topics, capabilities etc. It also means being able to draw on that diverse knowledge base to recognize patterns, connect dots, and improvise on situations.

Think of an expert generalist as being the Jack/Jill of more than one trade with just enough knowledge to give you an edge.

As a Product Designer, a lot of people ask me what exactly is your job? what do you really do? Most times that just hurt my feelings lol, but those questions really made me think about it critically, because indeed my job in the past has spanned from Requirements Engineering to Wire-framing & Prototyping, User Interface design, Project Management, Business Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, and even Product Support. So realistically I can say my job is everyone’s job. I’m practically a Jill of more than one trade.

I read an article that really described what my job description is, I’ll leave a link to the Zipboard article to read further but I’ll try to paraphrase:

“A Product Designer is someone who can take a high-level concept and see it all the way through to execution.

One of the biggest challenges for a Product Designer is to take decisions that drive user engagement with the product, and that requires lots of different types of data. So the Product Designer has to spend a lot of time researching user behavior, reading about the latest trends, and thinking deeply about how to solve specific user problems. She also studies other products and reads from multiple sources to stay inspired.

You know how Librarians have to know a little bit about everything? I think the Product Designer’s role is like that in some ways.

Keep in mind that two organizations may not use the term ‘Product Designer’ to convey the same meaning, but that’s alright. There is still value to the term because ‘it communicates a differentiated scope of design responsibility.’ ”

Zipboard article.

I would like to say to people that feel the same way as I do — No, you’re not crazy and yes it’s mentally possible to be a master of all (I’m not though). The only factor that has the biggest impact on this is time(T). Just like everything else.

Human beings were not designed to think in one fashion, in fact, no one knows how human beings were designed to think. Expert generalists exists because the mind is growing as a result of the data (this can be likened to experience (E)) it consumes and new algorithms springing up in our brains and causing complex thoughts and reactions. So please stay curious.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’m always looking for ways to make my articles a better read so leave a comment or reach out personally and I’ll get back to you.

Also, I have just completed my newest Machine Learning model and will write a nice article (It won’t take a year I promise) about what it predicts and how long it took me to get there.

Stay tuned.

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