We want to help you design at the speed of thought, which is why we added a performance boost to zooming, as well as enhancements to color and export capabilities last month. We also made it easy for you to integrate workflows with 3rd party integrations that you depend on to get the job done.

This month, our release delivers streamlined vector workflows between Illustrator and XD along with a new way to express creativity on Windows using pen and touch.

Want to see this and more in action? Check out Adobe Live from Feb. 13-15 to see top UX designers using the latest features in Adobe XD.

Do you use Illustrator to design icons and vector artwork? We made working with Illustrator and XD a lot easier with linked vector graphics. Linked vector graphics enable you to bring in vector content from Illustrator into XD. Make edits to your work in Illustrator and have them seamlessly update in XD.

It doesn’t stop there. One of XD’s core principles is build on the latest platform and leverage technological advances that hardware can offer. On Windows, we are thrilled to announce that XD now supports basic pen and touch gestures.

We are always looking for ways to improve the features we’ve shipped. This month, we made enhancements to the eye dropper and scrolling.

Vector Graphics in CC Libraries

The promise of Creative Cloud is to enable you and your team to work efficiently between different CC applications. You often have assets like icons, illustrations and other vector artwork that you create in Illustrator but wish to reuse across applications like XD. Using vector graphics you can now reuse vector content from Illustrator and Adobe Stock with XD.

Inserting linked vector graphics

You can drag and drop a vector graphic from the CC Library window onto the canvas to place it as a linked vector graphic. Once you drop the graphic, you see a blurred preview with a spinner while XD performs a little magic trick to convert it to a fully scalable linked vector. Once that is complete, you will see the graphic which can be resized and rotated.

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