Let me preface this … I am a novice-level (and somehow) a head test for a product in my hometown. I have about less than 2 years experience of manual and automation experience. I will be frank, coding is my weakest point. I learned java automation by reverse engineering some legacy code to fit my current project and with a lot of help from the other automation dude that works on a separate product. I have a very thorough understanding of WHY and HOW things work in Java/eclipse/selenium, but I cannot for the life of me write organic/pseudo code (like whiteboarding, etc) without needing to reference back something to help me. Anyways, just letting y’all know my current situation with coding.

So I just applied for a remote qa engineer gig at an amazing company that I’m interested in working at (I plan on moving up there in a few months). My first was with HR. went great. Second with the QA engineering manager. Went great. THIRD was technical, wanted to test my skills in whatever language so I of course did java and I just applied the things I knew to the framework I built for the technical qa tests I built. NOW I’m on my fourth . I’m nervous for this because I’m gonna be interviewing with 5 members in person, but I’m MAINLY scared of interviewing with the developers. The first three people are the QA manager and two other senior level engineers which I can feel comfortable answering any questions they have with general good confidence. However, I’m scared shitless of the devs. I’m not that spectacular at SQL other than basic queries and I CANNNNNOT write complex pseudo code on the fly (I am not a good test taker ha, but I am good at writing them!!!). I don’t want them to think I’m completely incompetent, but I also don’t know if they are going to ask technical questions??? That’s my biggest concern!

In a typical mixed QAE interview session WITH/INCLUDING devs, will I be technical questions? I just need to know so I can prepare accordingly.

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