How I went about researching…

First. Looking into the problem given and getting more details about the .

I had to research the problem my user was talking about, and take a look at the app. To summarize, it is an insurance app, that encourages their users to keep fit by giving them rewards for reaching weekly goals.

Second. Obstacles. Many Obstacles.

I ran into my first obstacle. The problem given was far too narrow, to just create a new app to improve only contact support. I had to broaden my scope, to not just that app, but insurance in general.

Third. I screened the interviewees, before sitting down and asking the questions.

I tried not to use questions that ended in a “Yes” or “No” answer, though sometimes this helped as well. For example in the question, “Do you have an insurance app?”, if the user says no, lead the question into “Why do you not have one?” Or “If you did have one what would you like to see?”

Here are some of the quotes:

“A digital copy of my insurance policy would be nice”.
User on if he had an app.

“Basic, not really in line with health that they are trying to promote. Cold storage voucher $5, Starbucks $5. Prefer to see some health-related things in the apps.”
-User on what he thought about rewards

“Everyday. Why? I want to clock 10,000 steps everyday.”
-User on how often he used his app

  • Tip#1: Using Trello and RecordPad helped immensely in getting notes and voice recordings of interviews.
  • Tip#2: Colour-coding users made it easier to do affinity mapping and matching it to the colours of the post-its as well.

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