Meet the designer: Melanie Daveid

UX designer Melanie Daveid.

Melanie is a user experience strategist from Austria with an interdisciplinary background in product development, brand , and art direction. Her professional journey has led her from self-employment, to working with globally known brands at agencies, and eventually to start-up life where she has managed a team of creatives. Lately, she has been focusing on product management at Ebay.

Melanie calls herself an ‘enfant terrible’ of the ‘digital avantgarde.’ She enjoys nothing more than a decent high-five!

Want more Kits and design resources? has them

Adobe XD has many other UI resources available, including the Vault UI Kit that puts security UX tools in your toolkit. We’ve also released five recent UI kits and icon sets designed to help you build everything from a restaurant website to a fashion e-commerce hub. After you’ve explored MY500, check out these other UI kits below:

  • E-Commerce UI Kit: Everything you need to design e-commerce solutions, and some added “Pawtastic” dog and cat-related UI elements for pet app fun.
  • Travel Companion UI Kit: From hotel, flight, and activity listings to buttons and icons, here’s a comprehensive for travel-themed apps or websites.
  • Transportation UI Kit: With more than 60 customizable screens full of symbols and other elements, like navigation, Navigo helps you design transportation experiences for apps or websites.
  • Apple iOS Design Resources: These new UI materials make it easier to quickly design iOS apps.
  • Google Material Sticker Sheet: Provides elements like light and dark symbols for status bars, app bars, bottom toolbars, cards, drop-down menus, and more to design Android apps.
  • Windows UI Kit: Allows you to start designing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
  • Office UI Fabric Design Kit: Helps you design seamless Office and Office 365 experiences.
  • Smartwatch UI Kit: A comprehensive UI kit for the smartwatch, with more than 20 customizable components and more than 30 customizable icons.
  • Dashboard UI Kit: Includes 100 customizable components across 10 screens, with more than a dozen charts (the backbone of many dashboards) to help simplify the dashboard design process.

Not sure where to start? Check out our full list of tools and resources for everything you need to get started designing, prototyping, sharing, and working with unique UI kits in Adobe XD. And for UX insights sent straight to your inbox, sign up for Adobe’s experience design newsletter.

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