So I’m the sole-developer maintaining a software project owned by a non-profit. Being the sole CS guy on the project, I’m finding myself wearing many different hats. One of those is of your typical software developer in-.

We’ve been using Github as our issue tracking system, with a fair bit of success. It’s a good tool for a project of this size (~25k lines of code, medium size enterprise application).

However, we’re still using excel/google docs to test . Spreadsheets here, are not a great tool for measuring test coverage across multiple runs of the test plan. If you’re reading this, you probably know that.

I’d like to move us to test tracking software, such that we can better keep track of our test cases. As a non-profit org, the cash we have for is limited, and I’d like to make sure we maximize our bang for buck when we do actually spend resources on . Further to that, we actually can’t afford commercial software services like DevTest or qTest.

We looked at Testopia, but it’s horribly out of date, and has not been maintained over the years. Other open source solutions seem to have suffered the same fate.

What cheap/free test tracking options are out there?

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