Cloud printing provider Gelato has announced that its partners can now use an to connect to its platform and sell printed products.

According to , its platform reaches 6 billion consumers in over 100 countries and has been used to fulfill millions of orders around the world for products including photo prints, brochures, flyers, business cards and posters. Using the JSON REST API, partners can obtain printing quotes, and have print orders validated, converted and routed to one of ’s more than local 100 partner providers, who then print and deliver the prints to customers at nearby locations.

“Gelato offers local print production and shipping services in most major markets, which reduces shipping distances by up to 90% and ensures quick delivery of consistent, high-quality prints,” Henrik Müller-Hansen, Gelato’s founder and CEO, stated. “By using the API, businesses will benefit from a powerful quoting, ordering and tracking toolset that gives them complete control and automation of a printing and delivery capability.”

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