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Time flies when you’re surfing the web. If you blinked, you may have missed that just turned 10 (which is getting quite old in browser years).

From its humble beginnings as the underdog in the browser wars to the popular kid it is today, we’ve seen Chrome go through a lot of changes.


In celebration of Google Chrome’s 10th birthday, Chrome is actually giving us a present — your favorite browser is getting a facelift. While many of those changes for browser version to browser version over the years are relatively small, the newest release is giving Chrome’s UI a design refresh.

“Every time you open your browser, you have a mission to accomplish: trips to plan, emails to send, stories to read, skills to learn. We built Chrome to help you do all of those things as quickly and safely as possible,” said Google’s blog announcement.

“In the case of Chrome, those changes happen every six weeks to bring you new features and security updates, but our 10th birthday update is bigger than normal.”

Here are all the new updates you’ll notice to the UI and beyond as Chrome rolls out.

More Than Meets the UI

Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, you’re sure to notice Chrome 69’s new look.


The sleek upgrade includes more rounded edges, which you’ll see first looking at tabs, but you’ll also spot the change in text boxes, the search bar, and icons. In additions, you may also see some small design changes such as new icons and a revamped color palette.

Some of the magic behind the new Chrome refresh is thanks to Google’s open source project, Material Design. Material Design is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design is backed by open-source code. This is also what helps Chrome 69 flow so seamlessly across devices.

The idea here is to give Chrome a cleaner look that will also make your life a little bit easier due to its simplicity, especially for those of us who find themselves with more tabs than they can keep track of (guilty as charged).

Better, Faster, Stronger Password Management

You’ll notice in addition to the new UI, Chrome is trying to make updates that will help streamline your life and work. With more accurate and accessible autofill, logging in and checking out should be quicker and easier than ever.

But what good is doing things fast if you can’t do them with security? Chrome 69 includes a password generator, so when it comes time to switch up your password from the combination you’ve been using for, well, literally everything, Google will supply you with a new one that’s strong and secure.

Coupled with the fact that Chrome will save these combinations to your Google account and allow you to access directly from the Chrome toolbar, Google is working towards keeping your account secure without locking you out, which is something we can all appreciate.

Smart Searching

The omnibox (aka the search bar/address bar combo you get in Chrome) is getting smarter by showing you answers directly in the address bar without having to search or open a new tab.

If you’re an aforementioned tab hoarder, you can also use omnibox to find which tab the site you’re looking for is in and switch to it.

Upgrading to Chrome 69

If you’re ready to check out Chrome 69, it’s easy to update.


  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Go to the three dots on the far right of your toolbar and click
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. When the new tab opens, click the three horizontal lines next to “Settings” all the way to the upper left
  5. Click “About Chrome” at the bottom of the list
  6. When Chrome 69 is available, there will be an option to download and install

Looking Back on 10 Years of Chrome

After 10 years, it’s evident that Chrome is still the most popular browser, and it’s given us many improvements to the way we use the web over those years.

While it’s important to test on the most recent versions of the browsers your customers use, it’s also important not to leave older versions behind. With every browser update comes changes that could affect how your web application looks or works.

If you want to update to Chrome 69, check out our instructions above. But don’t neglect old browser versions, and use a platform like CrossBrowserTesting to test in versions as early as Chrome 6.

Additionally, if you aren’t interested in upgrading, it’s still important to test the most recent version for those users who are, which is why you can now check out Chrome 69 in Live Testing.

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