Sorry for the long post, just a little and irritated. Skip to the questions if need be.

Some background: I have about 3+ years of Mobile QA experience and have only dabbled in automation in the past 10 months or so when my team needed someone to ramp up their Android UI Automation framework. I don’t have a background apart from this job (my M.A. is in English Literature, long story there) so the ramp up was tough and I’m still VERY rusty when it comes to CS fundamentals and syntax beyond copy pasta + modification.

I recently finished a 4 hour “ for a (job description posted below) that is listed as “mostly ” with automation and CS experience noted as a “nice to have”. The team is VERY new and ramping up, with lots of blackbox engineers and a few whitebox. I’m somewhere in the middle and have ramped up my own team on some VERY BASIC UI automation tips (Page/Object model, working with Test Rules, some JUnit issues, etc…) so I pitched those skills along with my own background teaching English.

The interview went well. They only had me do one white boarded login test using Espresso that I wrote some pseudocode for and the interviewer seemed to like (He even said “You’re doing great!”). The rest was all manual questions (“Test this sample app”, “how would you test x given y?”) I was VERY upfront with my noobie programmer status and said I was eager to learn more since their team is trying to ramp up their QA team on automation as well. I had full answers for everything else and walked away with a decent feeling.

I got a call yesterday from the recruiter and they said that while everything re: my manual skills was positive, but they wanted to do one more technical phone interview for an hour. He did not tell me what they were going to delve in to. I agreed but I also asked what they were looking for exactly since the job is about 90% manual and I can’t do things like write full fledged algorithms or work with data structures in depth. Some people have said this is a good sign but I’m not so sure. My head is telling it’s just another way for them to reject me but I’ll admit that it’s an irrational fear.

So my questions are:

– Any idea what I can expect? Any ideas on how to for a technical screen for a Mobile QA position?

– Why would they call me back? Are they on the fence and looking for something to tip the scales a bit (and if so, why this when this won’t be what I’m doing most of the time?) Why not just reject me out right? Shouldn’t they have got a sense for my technical prowess by asking more questions during the interview?

– Is this a good or bad? Are they just trying to determine team fit or what?



  • Develop, iterate and own all testing-related documentation, including test plans, test cases/scripts, and bug reports assessing the quality and associated risk for complex on-demand functionality across all Lyft mobile applications and their back-end counterparts

  • Perform functional manual testing of new & existing features to cover all UX/business use cases and performance tests; ensure error handling and boundary conditions work as defined in product specifications

  • Perform acceptance and integration testing on weekly builds of mobile application software

  • Ensure test planning, test framework, execution, and reporting is efficient, standardized, and coordinated

  • Utilize a bug tracking tool to log and track issues in the current release in testing; verify bug fixes and regression tests of other impacted features perform correctly; verify all releases before and after deployment to production

  • Work closely with product, design & engineering teams to help define quality criteria and quality metrics, and create specific use-case scripts to facilitate ad-hoc testing

  • Ensure the product, design & development teams understand test results with regard to passes, failures and tests still to be executed

Experience & Skills

  • Bachelors in Computer Science or related field or relevant professional experience

  • Strong understanding of SQA methodologies

  • Experience with mobile development and knowledge of the idiosyncrasies associated with various mobile platforms, screen resolutions, mobile OS versions, and hardware form factors

  • Experience with A/B testing

  • Ability to use basic Unix commands

  • Have the ability to learn quickly and apply product knowledge to your test planning and quickly acquire a deep understanding of the application UX, design details, logic, and dependencies

  • Superb attention to detail and ability to identify, isolate and document defects in complex software features

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment

Nice To Have

  • Ability to design and implement test automation & unit testing frameworks

  • Experience with open source test tools

  • Experience with scripting languages

  • Experience with object-oriented programming languages

  • Experience working with third-party APIs

  • Experience with real-time technology problems

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