Hello everyone, I’ve started a my career in QA a month ago as a Junior QA Analyst (it’s a dream job compared to customer service/help desk job I had beforehand). I am currently assigned to a project where I test a web application on Chrome/FF/Edge/IE and an Andorid phone, iOS phone and iPad.

As one of my 3 month career goals I have to prepare a 45 to 60 minute presentation on how to efficiently use developer tools in Chrome or FF as in order to find bugs or improve quality of a product.

What I’m asking is for a little guidance. Any advice, links to text,videos or whatever is really appreciated. Don’t be afraid to mention something even a beginner like me should know (like inspect element) or even more complicated stuff, I’m a fast learner.

You can also link me to some “dummy” websites that are designed for to experiment with BDT, that would also be really much appreciated.

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