By Genevieve Scarano

Ever since I was in middle school, I have always been obsessed with working out and eating healthy. Most of my friends in school would know me and my sister for that. However, when I moved overseas for college, my schedule was soon changed and I did not exercise nor be aware of the food I was eating. I had totally lacked out, and lost motivation. I came across this ted talk about adjusting your habits from small changes each day and this made me come up with an idea for an app. I want to create a platform where users can implement a really small healthy habit into their daily life.


The problem in this domain is that the many people are not educated in the field of and nutrition. Some countries do not show the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and diet. Maybe, people know what to eat, but they do not know why they should be eating like that. This creates a problem because in the era where technology has taken over many aspects of our life, we can easily get anything off the internet at ease. This convenience has changed our lifestyle mainly for the better, but it has some effects since everything is so easy to access.
Students or family members become a target for industries marketing unhealthy and cheap food. The food industry wants many people to get addicted to their products thus creating products without the best intentions for one’s health.


Through all the new technology that has been invented in the past few years, we can make good use of it and enhance our perspective toward nutrition and diet. Many apps have already been created to help out people who want to have a better diet or to be able to track calories but, none of them teach users where to start. MyFitnessPal is a popular app that calculates calories and recommends daily calorie intake based on your weight and height. Fooducate, a similar food app, gives you nutritional value of the food you search up by barcode.
As helpful as all these apps are, I think it would be great to have a single platform where users can browse shops, these don’t have to be restaurants, that only sell healthy and nutritious food. Or, for people who want to start a health journey, to have an app that integrates a small challenge about and diet into their daily routine.

PEST Analysis

For laying out the foundations for my idea, I used a PEST analysis. This is a great tool to use in the world of business to help you go through all the factors. Every business moves toward profit and one single factor can prevent it from growing and improving. PEST stands for political, economic, social, and technological trends. This analysis will be used to evaluate the external factors which has influence on the health and diet domain.


Political analysis
– More and more companies focus toward health and diet nowadays
– Food and drug administration policy process
– Laws for selling food online
There’s an increasing amount of companies and businesses that are becoming more aware of health problems in society. Politics have moved towards building a more healthy society by investing in more health care programs. One of the growing concerns in America is the increasing rate of child obesity. According to the report from the journal pediatrics, “More than 40% (of children) are obese”. Because of the obesity rates increasing, there’s more campaigns aimed to encourage exercising and healthy eating. Some of these include lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and her food campaign. These campaigns are hoping to help prevent adult obesity levels hitting 50% by year 2020. The app idea I have would be a good starting solution for people who want to become more healthy but don’t know where or how to start. It will allow users to slowly integrate healthy eating and exercising habits in to their daily routine.

Economic Analysis
– Unhealthy foods cost less than healthy nutritious foods
– People are investing money toward health more than in the past
– Lack of access to healthy food
– Consumers on food choices are based off price and quality, taste, and conveniency 
– Personal preferences 
– Economic growth forecast
In today’s society, foods that are unhealthy are being charged for a lower price and foods that are more healthy are charged for a higher price. This means consumers that don’t have enough knowledge or income to have to choose the cheaper option which is usually not good for health. In the beginning when fast food as well as junk food emerged, society valued the convenience without knowing about the impact it may have on their health. However, society is beginning to see just how unhealthy the impact of these companies are. Improve in nutrition leads to productivity and economic development. The economic costs of malnutrition is very high — several billion dollars a year in terms of lost — and this is why companies are investing more in health and nutrition.

Social Analysis
– People’s eating behavior highly depends on social influencers and what they’re eating
– Nowadays, social media is leaning toward creating a health concerned platform 
– People are moving toward making their own healthy homemade meals or healthier versions of unhealthy food
– Food decisions are made differently depending on religion
– Different culture and the diet they have
When looking at society today, eating behaviors are very dependent on social influences and social networking. Social media technology has infiltrated our societies. One of the main side effects which is Health and fitness. From pictures of ‘goals’ body images to a variety of diets that seems to be the best for human kind. However, these impacts are not all negative and may have more of a positive impact by sharing knowledge of healthy eating and exercising. Many social influencers share the importance of eating healthy by creating posts on instagram that show their health journey. There are several instagram accounts that are only used for sharing healthy meals or sharing exercise journeys. These social media platforms are really leaning toward creating a health concerned platform.

Technological Analysis
– New food technologies fitting a specific diet
– Online recipes to give ideas on how you can cook
– Companies that have a pre cooked meal plans
– Food delivering companies/apps
– Farmers and producers are using technology such as robots, agricultural drones, and chemicals to improve growth and increase yield.
Today, more than ever, people have the power to create a change in the world towards a better lifestyle by inventing new technology to cure or prevent diseases. The benefits of emerging health related technologies are encouraging people to: start having healthy habits and start having easy access to knowledge for getting a better diet. When it comes to food technologies, Soylent…a company that replaces meals with a simple drink, has made getting food/nutrients more convenient than ever. But, is this product really healthy? It is your choice to decide so. Some other companies have designed meal plans that can be shipped straight to your house at ease. This is all created from emerging technology that is constantly changing and improving for the future.

Competitive Analysis

This competitive analysis is used to compare and contrast the apps that have already been created in this field of domain. Competitive research is to collect bits of information and compare them so you have a better understanding of how you want to form your idea into an app or website. In the following image, I have compared 3 apps that are pretty similar.

Freeletics offers users access to workouts plans, routines, support, and explanations. They make sure that these are customized to you. You can also get a personal coach but you will have to pay monthly or yearly. 
Sworkit allows you to easily customize workouts by type of activity. The workouts start from as short as 5 minutes.
Seven-7 minute workout only has workouts that are 7 minutes long. However, the amount of workouts you can access is very limited.

Interview Process

In my interview process, I aimed to ask unbiased questions. This is a good strategy to have in creating an effective interview and getting accurate decisions.

  • Questions I asked: 
    How often do you eat out per week?
    Do you like cooking homemade meals?
    Do you have any fitness goals for yourself? If so, what are they?
    Would you ever buy food online?
  • Questions I avoided:
    Do you use any apps to help with ordering your food?
    How often would you consider using Uber eats? And what do you think about it?
    What is the best app in the market to help with tracking your fitness goals?
    Is there a specific diet you are following?

Feed back:
From my interview process with pedestrians at union square San Francisco and a couple of my friends at school, I found out that people want to get healthier. However, are not motivated to start working out and eating healthy because they feel like they have to get mentally prepared and ‘clean up’ their schedule. Although, there are a group of people that have already started their exercise routine and are loving it so far.

User Journeys

User journeys include the possible events or experiences a user might encounter when going through an app or product. This will allow you to analyze and structure your app idea to be clearer.

Benefits of creating user journeys:

  • Finding edge cases of how users use your program or app
  • Defining keywords within your code
  • Designing your product for growth
  • Getting an insight of how users can use your product
  • Showing the basic steps of starting to create the product before going on further steps

These user journeys are from high school/college students that have either never started a health journey, or have already started but never continued. One commonality among the three journeys is that they all want to start a healthy journey and incorporate it as a daily habit.

I’m Rinni a high school student and I wanted to start my journey on health and fitness. But I didn’t know where to start and I wasn’t very motivated to jump straight into working out. I came across this app and thought it was a great idea of how I can start off with small challenges everyday.

I’m Frenny a fitness coach and came across this fitness app one day while scrolling through the browser. I would say this app is a great way to get people going in the direction of exercising and getting them to start on small changes everyday. I have suggested it to some of my clients who have not

I’m Layla a college student who is extremely in to health and diet. But as soon as I moved out to college, I totally stopped working out and now I don’t know how to get myself as motivated as to back then. However, I downloaded this app and I have been using it for a couple weeks now. I incorporated this into my daily routine and I am starting to see a change.


by Sarin Swift

“A wireframe is a visual representation of a user interface, stripped of any visual design or branding elements.” — theuxreview

Benefits of wire framing:

  • Gives the vision of the product you want to create
  • Iterates quickly and saves you time
  • Separates design from development
  • Change and update as you get feedback
  • Be more creative — come up with multiple designs

When creating wire frames for my app, I focus on keeping the design clean and colorful, and having an easy to follow functionality. 
I want to create an app to help users start their health journey by implementing a small change in their daily life. Users can add emojis to express how their feeling after each challenge. And toward the end of the week, you can check your statistics.

“Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.”―Horace Mann

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