When we say , we usually think about the physical product, which is precisely called as industrial . Industrial Designers usually work on products like automobiles, electronics like refrigerator, oven, washing machine, etc. Industrial Designers have made streamlined cars like the 1967 Chevy Stingray, Impala, Ford Mustang. It was not only with the cars if you remember the last generation of mobile phone the Motorola Razr V3, Nokia Communicator, Nokia 3250, Nokia N91, those all were a physical form of art. Nowdays mostly every other car or mobile phone looks the same or are with few physical differences. I feel maybe that era was more creative than now.

Cars in the 1950–1960’s
For some these maybe a piece of great design or a weird one!

With the world becoming more smarter and relying on digital equipments now we listen to the term “digital products” and the designers who design digital products are also called as product designers.

sketches of industrial design

Designing a digital product may sound easy, but the road to making a great software product is not as easy as it sounds. Take an example of Chrome or maybe the Gmail it had great features but the material design was also responsible for its success. We do not use or see Google products as any other digital product, as a matter of fact today our lives are more dependent on their services whether its Google Maps, Youtube, Google search engine, Gmail.

What is Product Design?

Product Design may look a new term but they are not. When Microsoft was making products like Windows 98 or Office they had a separate division for human-computer interaction. With similar companies like Apple, IBM and others adopting the same idea led to better business. This led the world know the importance of design in the business world.

Product Design is a term which not only involves adopting user experience but also on technical design, marketing approach and so on.

Product Designers has to oversee the product from past to future. Understanding the business objective, budget, and others management things. They also have to look for problems in products and to look for answers like why is this problem? how to solve the problem? how can we achieve in short possible time?

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience design is concerned with the usability, look and feel, Understanding the usability part, how users use the product, on what device they use, all such comes under user experience. It involves building various interactions, prototyping, user flow, writing various scenarios, testing, surveys, studying how the user is using it, etc.

User Experience Designers typically uses tools like the sketch, adobe xd prototyping tools like Invison, etc. designers don’t work on visual work but they are required to think like a user. For example, When we click the menu button how many options should come? should it have animation? how should it come? etc.

What is User Interface Design?

User Interface design is concerned with the product look. It involves the use of appropriate colours, right size of icons, the size of the box etc. All the use of visual elements is decided by the Designer.

User Interface Designers uses tools like the sketch, adobe xd, photoshop, adobe illustrator. UI Designer design the final visual product which have to be visually good and should be pixel perfect. They have to design all the screen for an app which could be small or large scale while keeping in mind the guidelines they are using.

Product Design, UX Design and UI Design may all be different terms but they all play a vital role in building a product. All the respective designers have to work closely with one another to deliver a good product experience.

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