That’s actually where the name comes from. We value our community of clients and collaborators, so we’re all about rallying with these people and rallying for particular causes. Our name speaks to the beautiful combination of those things.

How can help these organizations that are trying to create positive ?

Whether they are defending human rights, promoting action on climate change, or advocating for equitable urban planning, our clients are doing important work. But they want to do better at telling their stories, bringing more people into the fold, and looking sharp through it all. Our job is to take their often-complex information and processes and make it engaging and accessible to diverse audiences so they can have a greater reach and deeper impact. That’s the heart of it.

Why is it so important for you and your team to continue using your skills this way as you grow your practice?

Ever since I was wrongfully arrested back in 2010, I knew that I had to dedicate my life to working for justice. That taste of injustice brought me to the realization that I have many privileges along with my design skills, and these assets need to be put toward important causes. I’m not alone in sensing that urgency.

We’re living in an era where there are indicators that tell us the world is getting better in many ways, for example that there’s less extreme poverty than 100 years ago. But we don’t need to look far to feel like things are actually falling apart. We’re faced with catastrophic climate change, marginalized people being left out of public policy processes, epidemic levels of mental health struggles, widespread racial injustice… I could go on and on.

Design can’t save the world — it will take much more than that. But I do believe that design and communications can play an important role in unlocking solutions to some of these challenges. People from many different disciplines, working cooperatively from diverse perspectives, is how we’re going to make progress. And we have made progress on many of these causes alongside our clients.

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