Ryan Johns
the action or process of deflecting or being deflected.

A point of deflection may feel like a constraint within your process. The point of deflection and point of inflection’s largess will be crucial to definition your targets users. They allow us to fully utilize existing tools to help us in defining personas.

To the , everything serves as pretext.


Strategists are influenced and not fully aware of clandestine actions. The goal is to quickly fix a point of deflection in hopes of reaching an inflection point before further arise.

a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point.

The purpose of SCRUM/AGILE is to find the inflection point. A group of stakeholders will define the driving factors between actions, development and plan for any deflections that may occur. It serves as a way to decipher and address future inflection points.

Always be learning. That is the best way to avoid these points. Whether it is a deflection or inflection, you have to think about the end goal and your constraints. All the stakeholders involved in the design process have their own point of view and are living manifestation of it.

isn’t without understanding your audience. It goes beyond face value and is building something with the user’s intentions in mind first and foremost.

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