This is a constant problem for me. I’m a QA and I rarely have enough to keep me busy. I’ve discussed this with my boss lots of times but nothing has changed. On average I have 2 days of the week where I have nothing meaningful to do. I end up sitting there reading the news or Reddit.

This makes me increasingly anxious and I hate it. I’m even going through online JavaScript courses but I can’t do that for 8hrs a day, it comes to a point where I’m overloaded and not learning. Add to all of this our horribly unstable testing environments and mismatch between prod and dev environment behaviors, and I’m just stressed out, mainly worried about how myself and my work will be perceived. Dumb open floor plan seating doesn’t help any of this, but that’s another complaint for another day. Staying busy is my “security blanket”, and without it I’m having a hard time.

Any advice?

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