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I work for a telecoms company ( the №1 in Ukraine). We don’t have any problems with the client’s feedback — a 24/7 support center receives a lot of information from our clients.

So, we are creating an app. For that, we did some a and I want to share how it was.

Why did we need this?

We had a lot of data for starting the MVP (from stakeholders & users’ interviews). We discussed what hypotheses we wanted to check, then created a user’s journey for it with screens. The main goal was to understand how users perceive the whether they app and will be able to do all the tasks right.


I won’t tell you about the whole process, only the designer role. When the clickable prototype was ready (we chose Mirror + Lookback for prototyping), we made several questions for every scenario. Also, a lead designer created rules and recommendations for an interviewer and a copywriter (who wrote everything for the user). After all these steps, we tested the whole process on our colleagues.

Our testing team consisted of 10 people (5 interviewers and 5 copywriters) with rules of how they should do it.

Some rules, for example:

  1. be sure to tell the user that we are testing the application, not him and we don’t have the right answers, so all users answers are correct;
  2. the copywriter can’t interfere, he can only write;
  3. the interviewer mustn’t help a user to do the task.



Let’s do it! We have 3 days = 3 iterations of user testing (+ one day after each test to document what’s happened).

All our team was in one space, but on different sides of the room sitting on beanbag chairs with coffee and cookies. Before the test, each respondent had a link to a prototype, so they passed tasks on their devices, which is more natural and comfortable.

Firstly, the interviewer met a respondent and told him what he is doing on here 🙂 Do it with a smile and be sure you told him, that you are testing the app, not him (every respondent’s step is right) and a respondent helps us a lot, make the application more user-friendly and useful for people. We asked the user to comment on everything that happened and what he thought.

When the respondent completed the task, we had several questions about this test and previous experience with similar application. For example, the test about connecting a free service and we asked “Have you heard anything about free services before?”

After, 2 more test like this … (or whatever test you need)

… say thank you so much for your time, responsiveness and your experience!

That’s all 🙂 and I say thank you for your attention and I hope these few tips will help you!

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