This article is a description of my competitive project that was made for operators.

Phone is the fastest way to communicate, but messengers and e-mails are still mostly used for work talks (2 years ago Alexander Lozhechkin wrote on article about this):

  1. Text message gives more time to think about the answer.
  2. Phone calls don’t record the result of the conversation.
  3. We can’t identify importance of the call, unlike we do when we see the text message.

If we compare three ways of communication by two criteria — informativeness & synchronicity (speed of an answer), then it will look like this:

So I propose a resolution how to make phone calls more suitable by adding new features to mobile apps using internet calls.


No Surprises

A few weeks ago my colleagues received some phone calls from phone numbers they don’t know and mostly calls were not important — it was insurers, useless offers from providers, etc. When you are busy at work and don’t have any free time this kind of phone call could steal your precious time. But at the same time you can be waiting an important call from a person whom phone number you don’t have.

Also if you receive unexpected business call you would like to see a context of upcoming dialogue. So it can help you to realise how important the call is and to prepare the answer.

decision that you will see then, can be realised in different ways by using internet-calls (in messengers, social networks, etc). Below you see how it can look on iOS.

Also the goal of the upcoming conversation can be perfectly provided not only by words.


Fix Arrangements

Nowadays technologies can’t transform speech pauses into symbols of punctuation (do not place commas, etc). But even if we have just only words, it can help us to save and send the important details of the talk after it ends.

Also in the future mobile apps will be able to show mistakes and useless words in our speech— they will be able to show our mistakes and useless words in speech so the person can learn how to speak correctly.

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