This is my first job as a . I am fullstack developer and work with 4 backend developers more. My responsibility now is client side application development. I’ve created architecture and introduce new technologies (Angular, rxjs, redux, etc) which are quite complex. Other team members have very little knowledge about all these stuff. But they want to try (as they said) and get frontend tasks time to time.

But it seems they don’t want/cannot learn or understand what they do. They prefer to copy paste functionality without any clue what is going on. This leads to bugs, which they report later and ask me to fix.

I’ve tried pair programming: they do not memorize what is done or just leave desk and go to coffee machine.

I’ve tried to fix everything myself – they are not interested in the fix afterwords.

Presentations – time wasting.

Typical situation – member does not know how to implement feature, he does not ask, but does something to make it work with issues (visible bugs, no need to dig deep). But he knows I always reject such solutions. Then on code review I say that it is not correct solution – he asks me to fix it and forgets about this.

I don’t see devotion and motivation in my team members. I feel I am the only who needs this project and its quality.

How to deal with this? How to motivate them or it is my burden and I need to live with this. Experienced architects, help!

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