Hey y’all,

I posted in here about a week ago regarding a QAE interview and technical questions… etc. well, I wanted to drop by and say that I got the ! Woo!

However, I’m reaching another dilemma with salary, and I strongly need direction and a confidence boost. The company is in the fairly late stages of a startup. They’re offering me 70k for the position. I have 2 years of experience in altogether, but I want to ask for 75k because they don’t have a 401k AND I’m wanting to move to the state they operate in, rather they said that they will give me several hundred shares of stock in place of that. The company is doing great but I’m really wanting something stable to deposit into my 401k now that I found out they don’t have that. I understand that the company might be doing great and they’re growing and that the stock might be fabulous but stocks like that are something that are ultimately volatile and I’m not super comfortable with that. Pto could be better, it’s 15 days and I would like to ask for more (about 5 more days). At my current job I make shit for money and have about the same days of pto so I want to upgrade altogether.

Is this asking for too much?? I want a pay and pto policy that’s sustainable and fitting for my lifestyle. If responding please come from an unbiased perspective as I just want to be happy in a company where my time away from work matters and the pay is perfect for the cost of living, my workload and my knowledge as a lead matters reflects that.

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