CLIM AROUND is an App aimed at . It offers the user all the information of the different sport climbing schools nationwide (now only in the part of Catalonia). They collaborate with equippers and designers in each area to make their own high quality sketches and give them the possibility to navigate among their users.


At the moment the has some usability, content, structure and design shortcomings. Specifically in the home page and it lacks an attractive design and a correct information structure.
They want their content at the beginning of the “Types of climbing” menu item.


  • Reach the entire age range of climbers.
  • More information on schools nationwide.
  • More support from national teams for more information on schools.
  • Expand the content to 3 sections on the web (3 types of climbing).
  • Change the layout and structure of the welcome screen and the initial screen.


My research begins by analyzing the competition (Climb Away and Vertical Life). After observing their strengths, it developed a SWOT to analyze the weaknesses, strengths, threats and finally the opportunities that we can offer.

I make a value proposition to focus on users’ pain points and propose options to alleviate them.


I go deeper with a survey of 11 questions and answers that leave me with doubts.

The question “If you are planning a climbing trip and one of the days it rains and you can’t climb, are you looking for a climbing wall to train on?” It hasn’t had the results I was hoping for, possibly because the question is not well directed.

82% NO
18% YES

What I really need to know is if the user would like and it would be useful for them to have in the app information on climbing gym beside from climbing sectors nationally.

That’s why I think the question would be asked in a more direct way that would help me know if I would actually put that information in the app.

The fourth question “Do you like to mark the paths you chain?” does not make it clear to me if it would be useful to make a guide in the app so that the user could write down the chain paths, their projects, the evaluation of the path or block they have made and personal comments.


I need to know if people don’t mark the paths they take because logistically it’s difficult or because they don’t really care.

By using both physical guides and sketches downloaded from the internet, it is not easy to point the way. Nobody keeps a notebook to do it, that’s why I propose to include that option in the app because I think that if users had the possibility to do it in a simple, fast and attractive way, I think they would do it.
So I think I’ll redirect the question and be more direct.

After these two questions, it becomes clearer to me what direction I should take.

88% of users would like to have information about climbing walls.
62% of the users wanted to have a guide to be able to write down their track

projects. In the personal interviews they discovered the reason why they have not done so until now. It is not a matter of logistics or simply that they have not been of interest.


Analyzing the of people, I come to the conclusion that the most positive thing is that users need it in the application. There’s information on Sports Climbing and Rock Climbing. Information about the climbing gym has taken a back seat.

Another thing that attracts them from the application is that they can download the sketches without data and for them it is a very big advantage. The fact that it is free and you will avoid having to carry the physical guide is another one for them.

The fears are very clear. Track and sector updates are very important to them and that is a reason for mistrust of the application.

They are afraid that downloaded sketches will not work well in areas without coverage.

Advertising is another thing that turns them off when it comes to using an application, but it doesn’t do it now as a condition of not using the application.


  • Develop the idea of adding a boulder section
  • Develop the idea of adding a personal guide to note chains
  • I understand that the Indoor section of climbing walls is of some less interest
  • widespread fear of updates
  • widespread fear of publicity


Well, then I’ll start designing a simple and usable sea map. The welcome screen gives way to the division of the content of the application into two buttons: OUTDOOR and INDOOR from which the user navigates in his motivation, boulder, sport or climbing wall… The application has a lower menu and a side menu to access the remaining information, including the personal function.

To start with the design of the wireframes he took some templates and he was drawing the screens according to the navigation map. At that moment I realized that the navigation map was not well thought out. The interactive map has to go first and choose the autonomous community, leave the option to choose the type of climbing you want to do.

In this way, steps are saved and the information is more direct.
The screens he raised are:

  • Welcome screen
  • Exterior Interior
  • Interactive map
  • interactive map region selection
  • Sports / Bouldering
  • Drop-down menu

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