Providing a better a way of organizing articles in Medium.

I like reading articles on the medium during my spare time or on the way to office or way back home. It helps me know what’s trending, improve my skills or discover new stuff. Whenever I find interesting articles I this article either for reference or to read this article later. But finding for a particular article in the list of bookmarked articles is a very tedious process.

So I set out to explore and improve the bookmarking that would help users like me to organize articles according to some category.

Problem and Hypothesis

I like reading articles either on the mobile app or website. There are so many articles read and bookmarked in the medium. Either bookmarked articles are meant to read later or keeping them as reference articles. I’m a regular user of Medium I often read articles on design, Tech, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Productivity etc. Whenever I want to look back for a particular article either to read or check it for reference I find it a tedious process to search. Scrolling a long list of bookmarked articles and finding that a particular article is a frustrating experience.

How do I tackle this problem?

User Persona


  • Likes to read an article about the latest trends in Tech, Programming, Design, Productivity, Photography& Artificial Intelligence
  • Reads articles while commuting to the office or during leisure time or while sleeping
  • Wants to keep herself updated with latest programming skills, improve or learn new skills

Needs & Goals

  • Likes to read articles and keep updated with new set of skills
  • Likes to read more articles about programming & latest trends in technology & Artificial intelligence
  • Wants a quick way of searching articles in the medium that were bookmarked by her earlier and share them with her friends or colleagues
  • Wants a better way of organizing articles according to a category

User Scenario

Design Decisions

After my research and brain storming session, I have come up with a suitable solution to tackle the problem of bookmarking.

  • Should be easy to access articles
  • An Easy way of categorizing articles in mobile & browser
  • Easy to use the feature in browser and mobile
  • Easy to search and sort articles based on date or author name or publication
  • An option of sharing my bookmarked articles with my friends/colleagues

Sketching & Wire frames

Exploring ideas and wire frames by drawing rough sketches on paper. Then moving on to creating wire frames.


After sketching on paper I turned my ideas into high fidelity prototypes by creating the user interface and finally designed the process of bookmarking articles in Medium.

Below are the Hi-fi mock-ups of my final solutions including the results of the user testing before and after implementing my design solutions.

Medium landing page
When user clicks on bookmark
User will not be able to save unless user creates a folder if no folder is present
The moment user creates folder “Save” button is activated for user

When the user clicks on My Profile > Bookmark this how list page will look like. On the left side user will find the list of folder structure for the list of articles bookmarked by the user.

In addition to this user will be presented with two set of options

a) Articles — Which will the display list of articles bookmarked by the user

b) Settings — This option lets user share his/her bookmark list

The user can sort articles based on date added or publisher or author etc.

Profile > Bookmark
User can edit the folder name or share
User is sharing his/her bookmark list


Medium is a great platform. It has improved my reading habits. But improvements like adding a feature like this would be useful to the user and thus enhance the app/website usability.

Since there are apps like Apple Music, Pinterest, Saavn etc. which allows the user to create their own playlist of their own why not Medium. I believe adding this type of feature will add value and enhance usability.

It was an awesome learning experience and I can’t wait to do more studies!

But I would leave this to you readers to fill in the gaps and give me constructive feedback. Got anything to add? Please share your comments below.

Note: This is a self-assigned project. I’m not affiliated with Medium. Medium is my favorite app and I’m exploring how I might make it better.

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