With skyrocketing demand for unique, one-of-a kind digital experiences across an increasing number of platforms and surfaces, as a designer you are under pressure to do more — and to do it faster. But creating quality, impactful deliverables takes time. We’ve found that typical content takes on average between 14 to 28 hours to produce, based on a recent 2018 Adobe survey. A recent inMotion/InSource report also found that creatives can spend up to one full day out of every week on administrative tasks — that’s time away from being creative. Your time is a precious commodity, and time on spent on administrative work, chasing creative briefs, consolidating feedback, and obtaining approvals, saps creative energy.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Alex Withers, CMO at creative workflow management software company . For the better part of 20 years inMotion has been hard at work helping in-house creative teams streamline creative workflows, from project intake through final deliverable. As the name suggests, it’s about keeping creative projects in motion to help designers meet growing demand from stakeholders without wasting too much time on tedious administrative tasks.

inMotionNow recently launched , their brand-new creative collaboration platform. Alex explained that they built the platform from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s modern designer. inMotion is a complete reimagining of creative workflow, built on the latest technology and rooted in the way today’s creative teams get work done. The new application has fewer walls, more collaboration features, and smartly crafted integrations that connect it to the tools creative and marketing teams rely on in their daily work, such as Adobe Creative Cloud. At the MAX Conference this fall, inMotionNow announced integration with Adobe Creative to help creative teams streamline production and collaboration with stakeholders.

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