Test cases that are based on its specs:

should be available to all users; this spec is not very clear.

  • Does your application have some kind of account sharing ?
  • Or it simply means as long as a user has got an iOS device, this video feature is available to them?
  • Test case, since it is not really practical to test on every iOS device, I would personally choose a few representative devices; I stole this chart from www.statista.com and www.iossupportmatrix.com iOS iPhone support iOS support of iPhone and iPadYou may need to choose one or more iPhones to make sure your video feature is working for all iOS users. I doubt you need to test them all, but the more devices you test, the more confident you are.

Video should be available on both iPad and iPhone, this spec is not very clear.

  • What do you mean by available? Is this video feature available or the recorded video that is available?

  • Test case, you can also refer to the two charts above. Again, I doubt you will need to test all versions of iPhone and iPad.

A user can record and playback on iOS devices,

  • Test case, you may need to test against the boundary values of how long a video is allowed to be.
  • Test case, you may need to test against how record and playback can handle interrupt and resume
  • Test case, you may need to playback a video recorded from one iOS device on a different iOS device, on different iOS versions too?

Should support all iOS versions,

  • You cannot test all of it, choose a few representative ones.

Have to be able to support iOS 12

  • As of 16th of August 2018, iOS 12 has not been officially released, you will need to sign up for a beta testing account in order to download it. Check it out here, https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/

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