This article has been originally included in a PyconPL 2018 conference book.


Nowadays there is no need for convincing anyone about the enormous advantages of writing automated tests for their code. Many developers had an occasion to feel total confidence in introducing changes to their codebases under the protection of vast suites. The practice of writing tests has been widely adopted in the industry [4], including Python world.

Pythonistas have at their disposal the best programming language, empowering tools and tons of articles about writing tests. What can go wrong?

  2. Ham Vocke Practical Test Pyramid
  3. Alister Scott Testing Pyramids & Ice-Cream Cones
  4. Sebastian Buczyński – How Can Your Software Benefit From Automated Testing?
  5. Kent Beck – Test Driven Development: By Example
  6. Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck – Leading Lean Software Development: Results are not the point
  7. pytest-profiling
  8. snakeviz –

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