I am working on Windows automation using the win app driver tool. I am using language. My app is commentary related software. It is very data-heavy, so I am using a data driven framework.

I am keeping all the data in an excel sheet and read through the excel file. but when I run my automation my app is very slow. The scenarios I test include things like player selection, game selection, entering commentary events through click actions.

I need to the speed of my test runs. The only option I have thought of is to keep the data in another memory location.

What can I do to improve the speed of my automation tests?
and click on top menu tab like file menu, view menu, period menu—here satrt period and end period is there, here selecting the option is getting very very slow

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/35059/how-to-improve--of-automated-


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