It’s a terrible feeling to come home expecting that cool new gadget or gift for your kiddo that was delivered today and instead finding that it was stolen from your porch. Protect your purchases from “porch pirates” with the Amazon Size Lock Box – a offering affordable solutions to mail theft


offers a large, secure place for your online purchases to be stored until you get home. It’s as simple as providing a four-digit code on your order form for the delivery instructions, which allows them to unlock and leave your packages and secure inside your steel box until you get home to receive them.

The Amazon Size Lock Box is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and is available in three different sizes, for a variety of consumer needs: small (22” x 22” x 17” tall), tall (22” x 22” x 27” tall), and large (30” x 24” x 24” tall), as well as a variety of colors or designs. This product is designed to provide a simple and secure method of having your purchases delivered to your home without the risk of a stranger walking by your porch and grabbing your packages the delivery person just left out in the open.

The best feature of the Amazon Size Lock Box is the security system. The heavy duty lock with pad lock allows you to set your own four-digit pass code and provide the code on your shipping to alert the delivery person how to unlock and leave your packages safe and secure.

The box can be fastened to your property in various manners. The company, depending on your location, can even send someone to install your new Amazon Size Lock Box at your location, for an extra fee.

If you want to make sure your online orders are safe between when they are delivered and when you get home to collect them, head over to the Amazon Size Lock Box website and check out your order options, ranging in price from $300-$400 for the base models, depending on size.



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