(VSTS) Dashboards help keep track of your project and drive collaboration with your team. Starting today, you can bring your VSTS dashboards right where the is happening in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). MS is ’s chat and collaboration platform.

Add any of your dashboards to a Team channel tab using the VSTS Extension. Dashboards you add become a tab on your teams’ channel. They are available to all channel members who have permissions to see the in VSTS. You’ll notice that the added is optimized for consumption inside Teams. All your widgets will show when you open the in Teams and the will refresh automatically. Hovering over your widgets will provide more details on specific data points depending on the widget. Here is a sample embedded into a Team channel.

Dashboard embeeded in MS Teams

Adding a dashboard is like adding any other tab extension. Look for the VSTS extension and connect to your VSTS organization. Once you’re connected, choose the dashboard you want to bring in and save.  See this guide for more details. This extension also supports adding Kanban boards in the same manner.

Select the dashboard - configuration

The dashboard updates whenever you open the tab in Microsoft Teams. But you can always use the Reload tab button Teams refresh icon in Teams to refresh it. The great about this embedding is that your data and conversation live side by side. You can also open the conversation tab when viewing the dashboard to see both together in one single screen as shown below.

Dashboard and conversation side by side

Learn all about VSTS and MS Teams integration

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