Hey guys, please excuse any typos as I am on my phone at the moment. I would really like some opinions on whether or not I should take a leap and for this . I am currently a . I create manual test cases, work with the off-shore team with regression testing, track bugs, and work with the product owner and developers. I would love to do more with automation testing since our manual test suite is getting unbelievably big, but my company is not taking it as seriously as I would like, and manual testing is our primary focus at the moment. We just purchased TestComplete but we are not using it to its fullest at the moment.

We just partnered with a really big company so things have started to change, and this just doesn’t feel like the same company it was years ago when I first started. Business has been bad, we haven’t been we haven’t gotten a raise this year, and they are letting people go left and right. I think my saving grace is, in addition to doing qa, I partly do some scripting (javascript) for a small portion of our application. This other guy and I are the only two people in the company who works on this part of the system, no one else wants to work on it because it is very tedious and boring.

A good friend of mine sent me a job posting for a QA Analyst where his brother works. It’s close to my house and the pay looks pretty good. One of the requirements states:

Design, develop and execute automation scripts using open source tools.

Although I do some minor scripting here at my current job, I never did automation scripts for testing before, and i’m a little nervous about applying. Should I still apply even though I don’t have any automation testing skills? It doesn’t even look like they use a specific testing tool for me to research and get familiar with.

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