Its about time we improved . Most apps these days have damn near perfect UX, so why do we slack off so much when it comes to ? So many things can be better, they could be prioritised, they could be far more informative and they could be grouped.

Sure, each of these things are up for debate. But what isn’t really?

Of late, I’ve been a little bothered by how messaging notifications are. To be specific, I’d like to know if someone is still typing without having to open the app. Because ya know, convenience.

So after a year of boycotting After Effects, I opened it up again to make a super quick mock up of what I think would work:

I’ll admit my animation skills are quite shoddy. But hey, at least I tried right?

This design is suggesting a complete uphaul of the iOs notifications system, but meh. It was a fun concept to work on. It clears up a lot of space and gives users more information.

Do let me know what you think and for more such designs, follow me on Instagram @viba__!

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