has released a new Microsoft which includes a number of new features and improvements. Among the new updates to the are integration with Microsoft’s Security Graph , addition of dual entities, and availability in the Microsoft Graph Explorer. This new replaces the original Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score released back in February 2017.

Microsoft has integrated the new 365 Secure Score API with its Graph Security API which allows developers to connect applications to Microsoft’s security solutions (via the Intelligent Security Graph) as well as ecosystem partners. The Microsoft Graph Security API includes several key entities: alerts and Secure Score.

Alerts entities are currently in beta, and they can be used along with Microsoft Graph webhooks to subscribe to and receive notifications regarding Microsoft Graph Security entity updates. Secure Score is a security analytics solution that is currently in preview. It provides a security score that indicates the level of risk with your security portfolio and helps users reduce their risk in Microsoft solutions.

Another update to the new 365 Secure Score API is the addition of dual entities. One entity can be used to return only the score data and one entity can be used to return control metadata e.g. Threats, Descriptions, and Titles. The new API is also now available in the Microsoft Graph Explorer, an online tool for trying out Microsoft Graph APIs calls and seeing various responses.

Microsoft will be deprecating the original Microsoft Office 365 Secure Score API on January 31st, 2019. Developers should migrate to the new Microsoft 365 Secure Score API before the deprecation date.

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