4. Solution

The solution for this seemed quite easy to accomplish given that the information placed on the other side it’s just the news source name (website, newspaper, etc.) and it isn’t a clickable link, so no risk of unwanted interactions. With this, I’m assuming that users aren’t constantly bookmarking and sharing every news they read because in that it would make more sense to just keep them where they are.

Ultimately by swapping the position of these two components (share and bookmark icons vs. news source) in the interface, the problem would be solved, while keeping those two important icons still accessible and within reach. Through this example, we can realise that changing small details like this can make a huge difference in improving overall’s user experience on a digital interface.

On the left: by swapping positions we can avoid unwanted interactions with share and bookmark icons. On the right: the final solution presented.
Here we can clearly see that while doing the same scroll movement using our thumb, we no longer take the risk of clicking any unwanted icons. And if we need to bookmark or share an article, it’s still within a finger’s reach.

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