’s reports are among the most downloaded items in our software testing resource center, year after year. This is hardly surprising, given Gartner’s track record of identifying enterprise clients’ top challenges, and then delivering insightful research for understanding the available options and selecting the best path forward.

Today, more and more enterprises are recognizing that transforming testing is a critical component for digital transformation success—and Gartner continues to address this growing demand with new research on how to accelerate testing for scaled Agile and .

Here’s our roundup of new software testing research that you can access for free, compliments of Tricentis and QASymphony.

Gartner Synopsis: “When implemented correctly, automated testing can deliver strong benefits to support organizations in delivering software with higher quality at a faster pace. This research provides application leaders with eight essentials to realize improvements in delivering high-quality software.”

Read this resource to learn recommendations for addressing core test automation challenges such as:

  • Focusing automation on the areas with the greatest impact
  • Balancing test automation with manual testing
  • Validating realistic user experiences without cumbersome, fragile GUI testing
  • Reducing the false positives and high maintenance that undermines automation benefits

Gartner Synopsis: “Application leaders responsible for digital business solutions must assemble tools, practices and practitioners to support the increasing pace of delivery while ensuring quality of deliverables. This research explains how to iteratively adopt practices and tools for each DevOps stage.”

Read this resource to learn:

  • Why quality is a critical component of successful software delivery in DevOps
  • How to select the right quality tools for the DevOps toolchain
  • An iterative approach to continuous quality improvement
  • Which technology and automation approaches are impacting DevOps

Gartner Synopsis: “Application leaders who are modernizing application development face an increasing need to deliver applications faster and of higher quality. We evaluate the major vendors used to accelerate and scale functional automated testing as well as enable the continuous testing required by DevOps.”

Read this resource to learn:

  • Critical considerations when evaluating software test automation tools
  • How the top software test automation tools are positioned
  • The strengths and cautions for each of the recognized software test automation tools

Gartner Synopsis: “Application leaders who are creating strategies for digital business must address a wide range of testing use cases across the enterprise. This research evaluates 10 popular functional software test automation offerings across five common testing use cases.”

Read this resource to learn:

  • The critical capabilities for software testing tools
  • How vendors compare across core capabilities and use cases ( testing / end-to-end enterprise testing, API testing, web app testing, etc.)
  • About a layered testing approach that accelerates development & improves overall quality

Source link https://www.tricentis.com/blog/2018/08/21/gartner-software-testing/


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