Can you be more specific? It sounds like employability is the primary goal for now?

Which field would you like to enter (web development, data analysis, embedded, machine learning, etc)?

Where do you come from? Software development can be anywhere. If you can leverage your previous domain knowledge that is always an advantage.

In general, web development is probably the easiest to get started. There is no way around Javascript as the language. React is currently the hyped framework, so go through their tutorials: Then build something you can show off. Web dev is changing constantly, so expect to hop from technology to technology. I don’t like that and avoid that world.

If you want to build games, an all-included framework like Unity is probably the best . Game development does not pay that well because there are so many who want to do it though.

Big data analysis could be nice imho. Especially if you have domain knowledge somewhere. You can explore that world starting with Jupyter:

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