is here, and that means in addition to our regular feature updates, we have a number of major new capabilities coming to this month — namely, voice prototyping, new animation support, and third-party plug-ins.

Prototyping has always been at the core of XD, and now with the addition of voice triggers and speech playback, XD is the first and only UX/UI platform that seamlessly connects screen and voice prototyping in one app. Combined with auto-animate, a simple way to create immersive animations between artboards, you can create high-fidelity for web, mobile, and voice-based devices such as those with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This month also brings third-party plug-ins to XD, with a commitment to keeping XD an open platform that allows developers to integrate and extend the platform in new and exciting ways. Access a growing list of XD plug-ins directly within XD, alongside UI kits and app integrations, all of which allow you to customize and extend XD so that it works for you.

New to XD in the

Voice triggers and speech playback

Voice experiences are only becoming more common and in demand — from phones, to cars, to kiosks around the world. As such, we wanted to bring voice prototyping capabilities to every designer, without the need to understand the complexities of each platform. By introducing voice triggers and speech playback in Adobe XD, we’ve brought screen and voice prototyping together into one application. Check out our new voice capabilities in the video below.

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