Source: Is building a startup like making a movie?

Creating a and any piece of art have a lot in . If a single person sits down to create a painting then the idea, skill, execution and presentation all depend on that one person. Similarly, if a Software were created by just one person who thinks up the idea, creates the program, and deploys it, we’d need no processes.

But Software Development is never a one-person game, much like a Film Production. Like any two processes that lead to creating something, there are similarities on the surface between Product & Video creation. Both start with an initial idea, this idea is then grown to become a full-fledged concept, then comes planning and execution. Through the journey, multiple feedback from several people is continuously sought and factored back into the execution process. Once the end-product is near completion, marketing activities begin. Eventually, the Product or Video is presented to the end consumers.

The most important element that needs to be consistent across the layers of teams is the Unified Vision, without which the chances that the Software Product will fail are very high. The article analyses a scene from a movie and compares it to software product building. What are your thoughts?

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