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Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles is an that primarily focuses on identifying plants using photos, in-depth descriptions of each plant and details of where it can be found. This has recently announced that it will allow you to add your own notes against each plant as well as geo locate the spots, which is key for remembering where you saw something.

Vild Mad can be found on the Apple App Store


VILD MAD (”Wild Food” in Danish) is a tool that helps you explore the wild, edible, Danish nature and forage edibles. There are in app recipes and the ability for you to save personal foraging spots with your own photos and notes.

As you can see these apps both contain key features that we had in mind for our own app and therefore it would be easy to throw in the towel now as these apps have already been done… However we’re not going to stop our and vision, why? Just because something has been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done better.

Our main focus for this app is to concentrate on a few core features — geo mapping, adding photos and notes. Many of the existing apps out there are focused around providing information to help identify a particular plant or berry. Our product comes from the perspective of functionally, we want to make a useful tool that enables a user to document their finds.

Above all, the main reason we plan to continue our project is because it’s ours. This isn’t a project that we began to make money from or to become our new career direction. We want to make an app and a brand that we can be proud of and hopefully other people will enjoy too.

If anything, as there are similar apps out there in the world that are being used and are popular that means there is a demand — Think Uber and Lyft, thought product seems almost interchangeable the companies have considerable differences in their service areas, offerings and culture. This is why we are still moving forward with the idea, nothing is every truly the same.

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