As you could probably guess by the name, the is a great way to count your daily steps. But there’s much more to take advantage of.

By swiping right, you can start a workout with the app. There are four different types to select from – walking, running, hiking, or other. The hiking option now offers a more accurate track of a hike and its the best option to select from when encountering significant elevation changes.

When the workout begins, you can now customize the display with a number of different data types including duration, distance, average speed or pace, and more.

WIth a right swipe, you can access two new screens. A media controller will allow you to play audio from an iPhone or the itself without leaving the app. The second is a GPS map of the current workout track.

The app also supports the new complications for the Watch Series 4 that arrives later this week.

++ is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

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