As a future student of User Experience/User Interface Design I have to do a pre-work in order to be prepared for the intense course. Taking notes is an important part to learn/develop because it helps understand the information more deeply, making it easier to get better design results.

The exercise has to be done watching the video about the Ted Talk by Margaret Gould Stewart (Facebook’s director of product design): “How Giant Websites Design For You”

When I started I tried to catch the information without pressing pause and finally gave up. It was more difficult than expected. I realised I was also writing more than I should, taking notes the old and boring way, so I had to repeat it to improve it.

The first try was very messy and… I guess I should have summarise more: lots of information.

First try of visual note-taking

The second one had more sketches and a better lay out of the information for a better comprehension, even being still messy. Anyway the understanding of the topic improved drastically.

Second try of visual note-taking

Finally I was able to make the last visual note, having a scheme on my mind and being able to improve the previous ones by practice… and I enjoyed the artistic-painting side!

Final result of visual note-taking

I can say that this technique helps a lot in the comprehension as it makes you get concepts more easily, so I recommend it to anyone. It is funny to see the different layouts just as the pictures of what you had in mind in each stage.

I am keen to improve the visual-noting skill! Practice makes perfect.

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