A few months back I had an interview at a healthcare company where I was presented with a design challenge as part of the interview.

The Brief

Design a selection user interface for physicians to easily and intuitively prescribe medicine to their patients.

For the purposes of this exercise there will be 4 different types of medicine — heart, colon, misc & gastro-intestinal. However it should be scalable to include 2000 categories of medicine.

The physician wants to be able to easily find certain categories using visual cues. They also want to be able to find their commonly prescribed medicines easily.

The physician should be able to double-check their list before actually prescribing it.

Time given: 45 mins

Version 1

Screen 1 — Patient Info

The first screen was dedicated to filling the patient information. This was a typical form field screen to collect basic info so that the medicine goes to the right person.

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