Wondering if anyone has any experience of Streams in and is aware of a or a way in which it would be possible to the added to the streams for verification.

Currently we utilise EventStore in our system and as part of the testing we find it useful to the various streams to view the events as part of testing and it’s especially useful when debugging issues. i.e. The event didn’t make it to the so the issue could be in the event publisher.

We are looking at moving over to AWS and using Kinesis streams and are therefore trying to understand what is available to testers to enable us to view the events as we would in EventStore.

If anyone has any thoughts or pointers of documents / blogs that may help that would be much appreciated.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/35478/-tool-to-view-query-data-in-an-aws-kinesis-stream


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