5. Testing

We have conducted usability testing sessions with real users of the product. During sessions, we have defined user pain points which were fixed in the next design iteration.

Hypotheses to test:

  1. Users want to view alternatives for suggested by the system hotel
  2. Travelers allocation as a separate step is not the best experience. It is hard for the users to discover travelers allocation feature because it is not mentioned in the navigation bar
  3. There’s a possible when the user chose manual input of travelers information but then decided to go back to the database search. For now, we don’t have such option.
  4. After sending the trip to approval the system needs to show a success message to explain customer next steps.

Important to notice that all tested participants use the product very often and have a deep knowledge of booking process. And also they use competitors products.

Usability testing scenario:

Imagine that you are planning a trip for 2 students from London to Frankfurt. You’ve added two flights to the basket and proceeded the .

  1. Products step.

What’s your current fare? What will happen by pressing ‘upgrade’? How can you compare other available fares? What the price for the first flight? Are you interested in a suggested hotel in Frankfurt? How will you add it to the trip? Would it be useful to have alternative suggestions or on hotel based on your previous searches is enough?

2. Travelers step.
How will you input traveler’s data if his profile already exists in a database? How will you do it manually? Do you remember cases when you needed to go back from manual input search?

3. Travelers allocation.
Do you understand what’s going on on this screen? Is this suitable place of the flow to allocate travelers? What is the best place for allocation?

4. Services.
How will you select seats on the flight? How will you add two extra bags to luggage? Can you hold a trip on this step?

5. Payment.
How will you choose Invoice as a payment method? How do you like a terms&conditions section on this page?

6. Booking
You need to send trip for approval for two people, how would you do this? Do you understand what will happen after pressing ‘send’?

7. Product summary
Can you cancel the trip on this step? Can you view detailed information about the second flight? How will you share product summary?

General questions
Which concerns did you have during completing tasks? Did you like look and feel of the checkout? What improvements can you suggest?

As a result of the usability testings, we have confirmed most of our hypothesis and have found a few new concerns. For example, feature ‘Hold a trip’ wasn’t obvious and we realized that the users need to be able to delete the item on every step of the flow.

According to the new information we got I’ve made one more design iteration. Results of it you can view in the following prototype

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