The latest Redmonk Language Rankings are out. These are published twice a year, and the top three positions in the rankings remain unchanged from last time: JavaScript at #1, Java at #2, and Python at #3. The rankings are based on Github repositories (as a proxy for developer activity) and StackOverflow activity (as a proxy for user discussion), as shown in the chart below.

Redmonk Q318

Compared to two quarters ago, R has dropped 2 places to #14. But as Stephen O’Grady notes, this ranking volatility is typical:

R is essentially a case study at this point for why we recommend against over-reacting to any particular quarter’s performance. R has dropped two spots previously, only to bounce back a quarter or two later. Its domain specific nature means that it is never likely to compete for the very top spots on this ranking, but it remains dominant and broadly used within its area of expertise.

You can see the complete rankings list along with discussion of the languages covered in at the Redmonk blog linked below.

Tecosystems: The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: June 2018

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