I know this is a incredibly stupid question and hard to answer aswell but i am hoping that if i tell you guys the criteria and what the covers you guys can tutor me for the time before my which is 14/08/18.

I REALLy want to pass this and become a coder of some sorts so this is gonna be a huge exam to get my foot in this door.

Anyway here is the criteria for passing:

  • Understand computer storage and data types

    • How a computer stores programs and the instructions in computer memory, memory stacks and heaps, memory size requirements for the various data storage types, numeric data and textual data

  • Understand computer decision structures

    • Various decision structures used in all computer programming languages; If decision structures; multiple decision structures, such as If…Else and switch/Select Case; reading flowcharts; decision tables; evaluating expressions

  • Identify the appropriate method for handling repetition

  • Understand error handling

  • Understand the of classes

  • Understand inheritance

  • Understand polymorphism

  • Understand encapsulation

  • Understand application life cycle management

  • Interpret application specifications

    • Reading application specifications and translating them into prototypes, code, select appropriate application type and components

  • Understand algorithms and data structures

    • Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists and sorting algorithms; performance implications of various data structures; choosing the right data structure

  • Understand web page

  • Understand ASP.NET web application development

    • Page life cycle, event model, state management, client-side versus server-side programming

  • Understand web hosting

    • Creating virtual directories and websites, deploying web applications, understanding the role of Internet Information Services

  • Understand web services

    • Web services that will be consumed by client applications, accessing web services from a client application, SOAP and Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)

  • Understand Windows apps

  • Understand console-based applications

  • Understand Windows Services

  • Understand relational database management systems

    • Characteristics and capabilities of database products, database design, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), normalisation concepts

  • Understand database query methods

    • Structured query language (SQL), creating and accessing stored procedures, updating data and selecting data

  • Understand database connection methods

Please i know this post is long and extesive but any help would be so appreciated i know its probably impossible…

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