There is information all over the Internet about hacking and tactics for . Having done some research in this area lately, I combed through my findings and put together a list of the best I found.

Just as growth is not one person’s sole responsibility; it’s an organization-wide one, anyone in any role can use the resources on this list. However, if you’re a designer and you want to more about growth, these resources in this post will help you start!

The list! 🌟

Julian Shapiro’s Growth Hacking Guide

Julian Shapiro writes concise, in-depth guides to help increase mastery in specific areas and he has one for Growth Hacking. This guide includes eight sections spanning from Landing Pages to Ad Channels and Content Marketing.

“In reality, growth is not a series of “hacks.” It’s a rigorous methodology consisting of experimenting, collecting data, and leveraging human psychology. All in pursuit of directly maximizing revenue — not raising brand awareness or generating buzz.”

Growth Hacking: Advanced Guide to Acquiring Users

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